U-shaped Drainage Ditch Coverplate

U-shaped Drainage Ditch Coverplate

Datang ditch coverplate is used widely in cities, like roads, squares, gardens, docks, airfields, parking lots, roads, all industries and civil engineering.

1. The product is capable of heavy loading and is impact resistant.

2. The coverplate and the frame are connected by hinges, which can prevent thief and is safe and convenient to open.

3. It has a large water leaking area; its surface is treated with hot-dip galvanizing technology, looking nice, and is durable.

4. Notes: if the customer is placing orders, please choose the proper types as per our spec, or check with our businessman who can help the customer to choose the correct type according to the loading type and sizes.If the customer considering the costs, chooses improper types, it is on his own responsibility.

We provide ditch coverplates of all standardized models for customers to choose from, besides, we can make them to order as per the specified loading capacity, sizes with steel gratings of proper models.

UGG II 1.5-255

UGG-U-drainage ditch coverplate code:

II-loading type code:

II- vehicles of 14mt or less allowed

III- vehicles of 6mt or less allowed

IV- vehicles of 2mt or less allowed

V- pedestrians only

1.5- drainage ditch is 150mm wide

255- flat steel size is 25×5mm

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